Saturday, March 16, 2013

More spring, fabrics old and new

Here are some early plum blossoms in our back yard, as promised.

I thought these Rosa Parks stamps were beautiful.

My daughter gave me some vintage fabrics for my last birthday, and I've used a couple of them recently. I put this one on the back of the quilt I can't show you yet (hope it's okay to show the back). The colors go well with what I have on the front, and I think it's just perfect. I have a little left for other things; maybe I can put it on the front of a quilt, too.
Dang, I should have rotated this photo before I posted it. Ginger is wearing her newest top, which is made with more vintage fabric from my daughter. It really looks cute on her, and very Springish.

It's green on the reverse side, and she can wear it both ways. She gave me a third piece of vintage fabric, which I have an idea for...

This is another top I made for Ginger last week. It looks great on her, too, but I haven't photographed her wearing it.

Isn't this fun fabric? I used a little of it in the quilt I can't show, but I have some left, and I'm thinking of making a cover or tote for my iPad mini with it.

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