Thursday, March 21, 2013

So Long Old Website, plus iPad cozy

I made that cozy that I was thinking about for my iPad Mini.

It already has a cover, but this adds another layer of protection. Plus it looks cute. I can slip it in my purse.

Today is the last day of my website, Tomorrow it goes poof, bye bye, on to the happy hunting grounds of old, dated websites. It was a pain to keep up to date, and had just plain outlived its usefulness. This blog is much easier to update, plus the price is right! :-) So if you're curious and you happen to read this today, March 21st, go take a peek. After the website is gone, I plan on doing things to this blog to make it more up to date. Eventually.


Alan Wade said...

I thought this a ladies ipad cover. Right?
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Cindy Cooksey said...

Yes, it is. Your comment made me wonder: what fabrics, if any, would make an appealing ipad cover for a man? Men's suiting fabric, necktie fabric, denim? Anybody have any ideas?

Cindy Cooksey said...

Canvas might work, if done right. So many choices for women, so few for men. It hardly seems fair!