Thursday, May 30, 2013

back to the future, and the hills are alive...

We had a fun visit with our son on Monday. We ate at the Lotus Cafe in Encinitas, one of my favorite places. And I finally got a ride in his new toy.

I took some photos from the inside, but I'm not sure yet if they turned out. This car sits very low to the ground, and it was manufactured when he was two years old. It has a flux capacitor. ;-)He played Huey Lewis and the News on the car stereo.

We also received some fun photos of our granddaughter and her new friends.

These are the new Nigerian goats. They are gentle and friendly. Look at all the grass they have to eat!

The platforms are for them to climb and play on. It makes me think of the Sound of Music, or maybe Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.

They like Sammy, obviously.

She's getting so big! She'll be three in a couple of weeks. I love the bandaids on the knees. It reminds me of my own childhood.

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