Thursday, May 23, 2013


We stayed three nights in Dublin, Ireland. Dublin was great, but I wish we had had time to see more of the country. Oh well, next time. We learned alot on this trip.... At this point Dave's ankle was bothering him, so we toured the city via double-decker buses, the kind you can hop on and hop off. It was the first time we did this - good when you aren't up to walking much.

This is where they make Guinness. No, we never had any.
We visited Trinity College because I wanted to see the Book of Kels. We stood in a long line and waited our turn. They were beautiful.
Unfortunately we couldn't take photos of the Book of Kels. But we could photograph the Long Room. It was a library of old books.
Dave's friend here is Molly Malone. Do you know the Irish tune, she sells cockles and mussels, alive, alive-o? I used to play the tune on my recorder, not very well.
I was determined that we cross the Ha'Penny bridge across the Liffey River.

Lacy, dainty little bridge.
Nice views up and down the river.
These gorgeous orchids were hanging in the lobby of our hotel.
At one point we took a ride on the Luas transporation system. Nice, clean, kinda boring.
We saw apartments like this all over Scotland and Ireland. The doors were often painted bright colors. A snarky tourbus driver said that in the old days, the British lords all had places like this where they could rendezvous with their mistresses.
We spent our last night on Canary Wharf in London. We didn't know that it was a business district, not close to the usual London attractions. That's the Shard off in the distance.
These characters were sitting near our hotel.
And that's the end of our tour. It was a fun trip, and we are so happy to be home!

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