Monday, May 6, 2013

Short Visit to New York

The first leg of our recent trip was central NY to visit our daughter and family. Here are some photos from this visit.

This was the wonderful winter farmer's market at Poolville; most of their products have already sold. My daughter is co-manager.

 Love this photo of Samantha, Martine and Jack.

We took a break to swing Sammy out back. That's Martine's friend Heather.

Samantha's friend Claire is on the other swing.

We stayed in Cooperstown the first night - no rooms in Hamilton.

She's wearing the new sweater I made her. It should fit her next winter, too.


These are the baby goats that they have on order. They can take them home in a few weeks, when they are weaned.

These are Nigerian goats. They stay small and are very gentle.

They are getting them to help mow the grass around the fruit trees on their farm.

I have a few more New York photos, and then I will post photos from our UK trip.

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