Sunday, June 6, 2010

Artful Tour of the Huntington Gardens

I tagged along with Terry on a recent road trip to the Huntington Gallery, Library and Gardens. We met others there: Sherry, Rose and Joanell. Here are several photos I took of the various gardens, for inspiration and maybe a quilt idea or two.

This is the famous one of the Stinky Flowers the Huntington is famous for. It actually blossomed 1 1/2 days after our visit; thankfully, it did not stink while we were there. It is beautiful once opened, a glorious fuschia color inside.

The sign on this plant insists that this is just ONE leaf. It's a mature specimen of the stinky flower.
This is an amazingly graceful leaf, no? I think it's a philodendron, but maybe I have the name wrong.

A beautiful vine that caught our eye. All these photos taken so far were from inside a greenhouse.

Here's Terry traipsing around the Children's garden. The vessels are fountains which are wonderful, because they unexpectedly throw up little spurts of water when you least expect it. I tried to catch a spurt on film but failed miserably.

A clump of lotus leaves in a pond at the Chinese Garden. We kept hearing deep croaks from talkative bull frogs.

We all took photos of this floor pattern in the Chinese Garden. Might make a nice quilt someday?

I became enamored with the extensive Bonsai collection in the Japanese Garden. Here are my favorites.

I found this plant in the Desert garden. Looks like a Century plant, but I'm not sure.

Everyone thought this clump of cactus reminded them of my hexagon quilts. Pretty cool, huh? Who knows, maybe it will inspire a nice quilt someday.

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