Monday, June 28, 2010

Baby Pix

I've had computer problems, but this afternoon I was able to download a few photos with my old school computer. Very slow process, snore.

For the people who asked for a "grandma" photo, here you go. I had them take several, and I think this was the best one. Samantha's a tiny little thing. It was wonderful to hold a soft bundle of new life.

I love this photo of Martine with the baby and Ginger. Ginger seemed a little sulky at first, but she has returned to her usual friendly self.

Samantha looks so tiny next to Jack. I stayed at the farm for about a week, and she became much more mellow by the end.
This is the first time she wore a dress, to visit the doctor. Notice the "pretzel legs" - Martine noticed that when she pretzeled up her legs, it was a sign she was content.

I couldn't resist this cute onesie, found in Cazenovia. I took lots of photos, but this is enough for today.

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joanell said...

congratulations - nice to hear you are over the moon.