Friday, July 2, 2010

food at the farm

Since I took so many photos during my last visit at the farm, I'm going to group them loosely according to themes. The pictures in this post are about food.

Here is one view of their garden. You can see corn in the front, plus peppers and tomatoes. It's a big difference from our last visit in April, when it was mostly dirt.

Rhubarb's growing in the back.  Peas on the left, I forget what's on the right.

One night I baked a rhubarb pie, with rhubarb cut fresh from the garden. It had been a while since I'd baked a fruit pie, and I'd never done a rhubarb pie. Martine helped with chopping and ingredient guessing. Here it is about to be baked.

It was delish. Just the right amount of tangy flavor.

Tomatoes in the front, salad greens, chard, onions, radishes in the back row. We picked salad greens for dinner almost every night. A couple of times we had the chard - it's especially yummy in lasagna.

Another view of the salad patch.

One afternoon we went off to look for berries. Martine found a few ripe raspberries here.

She found a handful of wild strawberries, too. They are tiny but have an intense strawberry flavor.

This potato patch is located behind the pond. No potatoes ready yet, just lots of pretty green vines.

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