Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Bear with me, I have a few more photos from my recent NY visit. This post is for those wondering how the chicks are faring. I'm referring to the 20 chicks that arrived in late April, when we were there before.

This is the chicken coop where they've been living. It's in a space at the end of their barn. Maybe you can make out the little row of boxes along the wall. That's where they will be laying their eggs, when they are ready.

There's a door to the outside. They've been coming outside in the daytime and noshing on the bugs in the nearby grass. They like to follow Jack around.

They are not full-grown yet, but they look more like chickens now. They're sort of like teenagers. You can make out one of them flying a little ways in this photo.

All original twenty chicks have survived. There are Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orphingtons, Dominiques, and Silver Wyandots. (I had mistakenly called them Silver Turandots)
The Dominiques and Silver Wyandots are both mostly black. I still get them mixed up.
This Buff Orphington is strutting his stuff. This variety seemed more confident and self assured than the others.
Amazingly, they stay close to the door and seem to know they're supposed to go back indoors before nightfall. I want to make a chicken quilt someday.... The black ones speak to me.

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