Sunday, July 11, 2010

What I've been doing lately

I have a couple of new quilts underway, but I can't show them yet. However, I can show you two finished clothing projects.
First, here is a tiny baby sweater I recently finished. It will hopefully fit Samantha next fall/winter. I am enjoying getting back into knitting! And the thing I like about making baby sweaters is that they go fast. I did this one in about three weeks.... I actually knitted another sweater before this one, but it turned out so boyish that I'm embarrassed to show it. I'm hoping that a heart or flower embellishment will save it. I'll show it at some point. (maybe)
This photo shows the sweater before I sewed it all together, plus the ball of yarn and the pattern book. As baby designs go, it's kind of chunky and primitive. Hope it looks cute on her.... I have already started another sweater!
I made this sundress last week. I mailed it off right away, because it's meant to wear now. I found a pattern online which I changed quite a bit - I didn't do the bias tape hem they suggested, and I added a tie in the back to make it more form fitting. I hope it will be adjustable so that it will fit Samantha for a while. I will post the designer's name of the original design next time.
This view shows everything untied. It was pretty fun and easy. Maybe I'll make more.


Diana C. said...

Cindy, These are darling. Samantha will be the best dressed girl in the county.

Cindy Cooksey said...

Thanks, Diana!