Saturday, July 3, 2010

random baby sightings

Here's a sure sign that a baby is in the house - diapers and tiny clothes hanging from the clothesline. My daughter is using cloth diapers. Woohoo, I salute her!

This is the finished hexagon ball toy that I brought for Samantha. Most of the fabrics are flannel. I embroidered on the solid fabrics. Ribbons were scraps I had.

A second view of the ball.

Here's a view of grandma, Samantha and Ginger on the couch. At this point Ginger had decided that the baby's feet needed washing.
Samantha had plenty of cranky times in her early days. She became much more mellow as time passed.
Jack spent a fair amount of time rocking Samantha. Swaddling is another technique to relax her.
A little mother-daughter bonding going on.
Samantha started getting sunbaths after the doctor said she had a touch of jaundice.
Baby makes three, and Ginger makes four.
Ginger has her own doghouse out by the old apple tree.

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