Sunday, June 13, 2010

yet another hexagon project

Just when I think I'm all done with hexagons, here I am making a hexagon ball for my grandchild-to-be. Maybe I'm being subliminally inflluenced by the World Cup soccer games going on in South Africa, but I've noticed that their game balls no longer include any hexagons.

I've used mostly flannels, and I'm trying to hang in there with the gender neutral agenda. It's getting hard, and the baby is almost here! He or she could arrive any day now. I slipped a bit of magenta pink into the ball, and if it's a boy he's just going to have to live with it. For a rainbow-colored ball, a bit of pink is okay, right?

(I should add that it works both ways. I knitted a baby sweater that turned out very boyish. If it's a girl, I'm concerned about whether an embroidered flower or heart will save the day. It's a delicate balance, making things that will work for both a boy and a girl!)

I have noticed baby quilts and baby toys with the little ribbon loops on them, I think they call them tags, and they say that babies love to suck on them and play with them. So I added some of those, and embroidered on some of the solid-colored hexagons. It's turning out pretty cute. After I made all those high falutin' art balls with silks, beads and embellishments, I'm finally making one that's just a cuddly toy.